10 Camping Tips For Beginners

If you are new to camping these tips for beginners can be a tremendous help.Camping gets easier and more enjoyable the more you do it.These camping tips will help you get from a beginner to a skilled camper.

Camping tip one:

Figure out where you’ll be going to camp and who will be camping with you.Figure out everyones needs like do we need electricity showers toilets running water or can we survive without these things.Then you can find a campsite to fit your needs.

Camping tip two:

If you are going to be camping in a tent put it together at home.This will help you when you arrive at the campsite.Some tents are a bit tricky to put together.The more practice at putting it together the better and faster you will become at this task.

Camping tip three:

Plan for your camping trip before you head out to the campsite.Make a check list of everything you’ll need and want to use during your camping trip.This is important because how would you feel after having to blow up all the air mattresses by mouth because someone forgot to pack the air pump.

Camping tip four:

Pack the correct clothing for the season you’ll be camping.Check the weather offton before you go you’ll want to know what the weather conditions will be on your camping trip.A storm front may blow in on your camping trip and you’ll want to be prepared with your rain gear.I always take my rain gear because sometimes they do get the weather wrong.

Camping tip five:

Think about what kind of food you’ll be taking with you and how you will preserve it.You can get food poisoning on a camping trip if you do not preserve your food right.We like to use a cooler packed with ice for the drinks and a different ice packed cooler for our meats and food items.Remember to leave the drain plug open in the cooler that contains your meat and food items.If you left the plug closed the ice would melt leaving all your food soaked with water.

Camping tip six:

Figure out how you’ll be cooking charcoal propane or firewood will i need matches and lighter fluid etc.Can firewood be gathered at the campsite or do i need to bring it.

Camping tip seven:

Take a first aid kit or a survival kit with you because accidents do happen and they will.You’ll need to be prepared for one even if one doesn’t happen don’t take a chance.

Camping tip eight:

Let others that are not camping with you know where you’ll be.Never go off in the woods or on a hike without letting someone know.It doesn’t take much to get lost if it’s a place you never been before.

Camping tip nine:

Have fun and leave all your worries and stress behind.Enjoy your time in nature it is a wonderful beautiful place.

Camping tip ten:

Leave the campsite clean for the next campers and remember to only leave  footprints.

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