Joys of Family Camping Part II

Some of my favorite memories of the family camping trips involved sitting around the campfire at night. In fact, as soon as we’d pull into the campground I’d head into the woods looking for firewood. I’d always bring back so much wood that there would be no chance of using it but the “hunt” was tons of fun for me. Then it would be my job to start the fire. I can remember bragging that I could start a fire with one match and no paper or fuel. Today you’ll probably want to bring your firewood with you but sitting around the fire is still a lot of fun.

The campfire is one of those things that bring people together. Start a fire and there’s a good chance that the family in the camping tent next to you will stop by with a bag of marshmallows to toast. My sister used to toast hers slowly and get them brown on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. I used to stick mine right in the fire and let them burn to a crisp. We met a family on a camping trip in 1970 and our families are still the best of friends today.

Once the marshmallows get toasting and mom brings out the cups of hot chocolate, somebody may start telling stories. I used to like the ones that started out sounding like they were going to be scary but then the punch lines made them funny. We also used to sing silly songs and tell jokes that really weren’t very funny. I think what really made the campfire great is that the whole family was together and the kids had mom and dad all to ourselves.

The more I think about these days, the more I recommend that you take your family camping. I’d suggest you check out Camping Gear Stop for your camping tent and other camping gear. You also may want to visit Picnic Baskets and More to check out their selection of wicker picnic baskets and other picnic accessories.

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