Winter Camping Or Snow Camping?

Winter camping is camping which takes place in winter weather, most people talk specifically about snow camping, when they mention winter camping, although it can also be referred to as cold weather camping.Winter camping offers a number of activities, in addition to camping itself.

A number of cold-weather or snow activities present challenges to everyone, such as cross-country skiing, ice skating, sledding, snow mobile, ice fishing, and snowboarding.Be aware of hazards with these activities.

Watch for snow conditions, hazardous terrain, thin ice,and emergency survival, are important issues for a safe and fun time.I like to take my atv on all my camping trips.

I like to drive miles on trails, looking at all the animals, birds and things.Most of the time my wife is with me and she packs up a nice picnic basket, full of stuff and we stop off the trail for lunch.It’s nice to spend time in nature with someone you love, even in the cold of winter with 10 inches of snow on the ground.

Winter camping can be a fun adventure, but use your head hypothermia is one of the biggest dangers, that winter campers face.You may be at risk for hypothermia, if you don’t dress properly for cold weather during the day and at night.Hypothermia can come on quickly, so you need to learn how to diagnose, and treat yourself, or others in order to prevent.

*Drowsiness or fatigue
*Jumbled speech
*Loss of reasoning skills
*Blue skin
*Slow Heartbeat

*Stay hydrated and eat high-energy food
*Wear appropriate clothing for the weather
*Avoid wet clothes
*Move around during day
*Watch for exhaustion
*Have each other monitor one another

*Shelter victim from the elements and insulate from the ground
*Change from wet clothing into dry
*Place victim in warmed sleeping bag
*Apply body heat or heat from heaters
*Give warm drinks and high sugar foods.

I would like to recommend a 4-season camping tent, for winter time camping.Don’t forget your wicker picnic basket, for all your picnic lunches while on the trail.

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