Camping Basics Part I

A family camping trip can be a fun and enjoyable experience with a little preparation.Knowing you limits, taking time to plan ahead, and pack the right camping equipment can help your adventure.Here are some camping basics of the woods.

Plan ahead

If you’re not skilled in the outdoors, begin your adventures by learning some camping basics.The internet is full of nice articles about camping and safety.Be aware of camping safety issues, such as snake bites, bug bites, and stings, plants that may get you like poison ivy, poison oak.Exposure to the heat, wind, water, and cold, and just getting lost could also be problems.Once you feel comfortable with your camping skills, you may want to plan a few days or a week in the woods.

Camping dangers

One common mistake made by campers is not being ready for seasonal transitions regarding proper clothing and camping equipment .Storms can also blow in during all seasons, and there can be sudden changes in the temperatures, in the spring and fall particularly in the mountains.Sweating and wind can cause rapid cooling, especially when temperatures drop at night.Another problem is getting lost teach yourself and family how to recognize landmarks at the campsite and on hiking adventures.While hiking encourage them to look around and familiarize themselves about their surrounding on the trail.

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2 Responses to “Camping Basics Part I”

  1. Sheri Fresonke Harper Says:

    We have many happy memories of camping in our childhood, good to encourage this activity in this economy
    🙂 Sheri

  2. edfrueh Says:

    Thank you Sheri for your comment i agree with you 100%.

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